Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Waiting on Wednesday: Awaken Online #5 by Travis Bagwell.

Hey everyone! It's time for Waiting on Wednesday and today I'm featuring Awaken Online by Travis Bagwell, specifically #5 which I am on pins waiting for!

I recently discovered the LitRPG genre and with it, the Awaken Online saga, and let me tell you, I am hooked! If you want pulse-pounding action, morally ambiguous characters, kick ass fight scenes, and more drama than you can poke a stick at, then look no further!

This series, as per LitRPG, reminded me of World of Warcraft, which I used to play, specifically in how there are different citadels (no spoilers!), races, factions and classes. It brought me back to the fun of playing, without the extortionate price tags attached. It was not only a great way to bring myself back to my gamer-nerdiness, it was also just a great series to read. I binge-read all four in about six days, and now I am literally restless waiting for the fifth. There's no cover or summary as of yet, so I don't even have that to tide me over! I am literally waiting in the ether for any announcements of what or when. It's torture!

What book are you waiting on this Wednesday? As always feel free to leave a comment below, or @ me on Twitter!

Thanks for reading!

Holly @The_Arts_Shelf

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