Monday, 25 June 2018

Cover Spotlight Monday: These Rebel Waves by Sara Raasch

Hey guys! It's time for the first cover spotlight Monday in goodness knows how long! WOOHOO!

Today I've decided to spotlight one of my favourite authors and a book that I have been excited about for so long, was lucky enough to get an ARC of, and started this weekend to utter delight. It is of course These Rebel Waves by the amazing Sara Raasch!

How utterly gorgeous is that cover?!

So in terms of the aspects that make up this cover, there are a few, and I think they say a lot about the type of story held within. First and foremost is the R. Being that the shorthand is actually within the title, I think this quite easily stands for Rebellion. It's the theme of the entire story, the backbone of the world we're being told about. The fact that the R is slightly obscured by a type of plant or wreath also says a lot about the story and the theme of the rebellion. It symbolises magic, the very thing that the rebellion revolves around. Its luscious green may symbolise healing while the intense pink of the buds may symbolise poison; the double edged sword that is and always has been in the very idea of magic; good or evil. Again this tells us a lot about the world we may be venturing into and why rebellion may be at its heart.

The second biggest aspect for me is the crossed swords. This is a common shorthand for pirates and/or piracy, a play on the old skull and crossbones. It again fills our mind as the potential reader with images and thoughts as to the world that is about to unfold, the story we will be told. It ignites that spark of intrigue, of wonder, and elicits a need to know more. Why are there pirates? Who are the pirates? What is their purpose? Now, in These Rebel Waves, they're actually called Raiders (Another nod to the R) but the principal is very much the same in regards to their actions, motivations and place in the story.

The water quite obviously works with the crossed swords to symbolise ships - naturally integrated within piracy - as well, due to its hue, of what hidden dangers may be lurking beneath. It tells us more about the world yes, about the story, but it also hints as to what dangers our characters may face. Within the water as well it is the gold that intrigues me. It could represent sunken treasure. It also - looking to me like the shape of a heart with the top sunken - could represent doomed love. Both aspects intrigue me but this is honestly the one part of the cover I can't work out. I'm glad though - always love a good plot twist!

Lastly the typography. Now Times is a very common font, but I don't like to think anything done on a book cover is anything less than intentional. The bold lines and sharp edges say to me that this is not a story that has frills or any semblance of true happiness. It speaks to me of a tale of danger, of a line drawn and crossed, of sharp blades and double edges swords. It says to me of a story that will keep you hooked from start to finish. And those are all things I adore.

What do you think about the cover for These Rebel Waves?

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Thanks for reading!

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