Sunday, 18 March 2018

Letters Between Friends: Dear Cazz #5

Dear Cazz,

Sorry for being a bit late again with this post. I've been in London most of the week and spent last weekend getting ready and planning, so I've only just had time to gather my thoughts. The weather has been quite awful hasn't it? Hopefully it will brighten up and get warmer soon! Fingers crossed anyway...

Yes! Les Miserables is coming to Manchester next March! Even though I'll hopefully be in London at Uni by then, I still can't wait. It'll definitely give me an excuse to come home for a weekend or two! Tickets are released in July I think, and no cast yet, but we'll definitely have to go. I need to introduce you to my favourite musical!

Speaking of Les Mis, I watched it on both Monday and Tuesday (Shows 9 and 10) and it was as amazing as always. I don't think I'll ever get tired of either the show or this cast. It/They're just phenomenal! *Insert Happy-Holly face here*

You mentioned Wicked too so I'll add onto that. I'm going watching it for the first time in almost two weeks and I can't wait! I've only heard a few of the songs so I'm going in completely blind. I think it'll be amazing though. I've heard only good things. Then I've got Miss Saigon a little after that before another Les Mis. A "stagey" month is a good month!

You should definitely check out Renegades when it's released. I also read another new one called Blood Rose Rebellion which was incredible! Very Les Mis esque which I love. Think you'd like it. What's the new Levithan/Cohn about? I'll have to get around to it!

Aww no! I hope Alex is okay. Big hugs to you both. You know I'm only a phone call away if you need anything?

Blogging is on the up; I'm getting there. As for reading, I'm not sure what I'll get to next. Any suggestions?

All my love,


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