Monday, 15 January 2018

Letters Between Friends: Dear Cazz #2

My Dear Cazz,

It sounds like you had a fabulous New Year which makes me so happy. I love seeing you happy. Your 2018 Goals are wonderful and I'm glad you're putting less pressure on yourself re reading and blogging. I'm trying to do the same but I also really want to get up to date on my reviews and stay up to date, though I do still want to enjoy reading for readings sake at the same time. Hopefully my Bujo will help with this and you always know where I am if you want help with yours; perhaps a Paperchase shop soon?

How was Jumanji? I haven't been to the cinemas in ages! I think the last time was when we watched Wonder Woman *Hangs head in shame*

Les Mis was incredible, and I really do hope I'll get to share the experience with you one day. I have so many shows I want you to see and places I want to take you (and cake! Lots of cake!). I met some of the cast again at SD which was awesome as always, and got another picture with Hyoie. I also bought plenty books from Foyles. Then last weekend I went to see Phantom, which was also amazing, and bought even more books from Waterstones Piccadilly. I may have a slight theatre and book problem... Maybe... I may also be going again Feb 17th... *Cough* Les Mis is amazing *Cough*

Speaking of Les Mis, I found an author's thread on Twitter about a LM inspired/retelling she's writing and it sounds amazing! Check it out here!

As for the wonderful Carrie I really do wish I'd gotten to see her in The Adams Family. Maybe next time she has a show we can go together? I did get her book, All I Know Now, from Waterstones last week and I love it so far. She's so inspiring!

I know you'll kick your diet's butt! Your instagram pics have been making my mouth water. I started off pretty well but have sunk back into bad habits this past week. Hoping to make it up again before the end of the month.

I haven't heard of Locke & Key but I will definitely check it out! Love that you're smashing your TBR already; I definitely need to get back to it before the month is up, but I've been so busy since New Year. Fingers crossed this weekend might help!

All my love,

x Holly x

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