Tuesday, 5 December 2017

December Blitz 5: Movie Review - Love You Like Christmas

Hey guys! It's time for another December Blitz and another movie review! This one's quick because I'm kind of on the last minute and need to sleep but I promised one every day, so... Enjoy!

Today I'm reviewing a lovely romance called Love You Like Christmas.

"A high-powered executive reconsiders her priorities when car trouble leads her to Christmas Valley, a town in love with Christmas."

This film was a little bit predictable in the beginning especially I'll admit, with your main character a typical workaholic who gets stuck in a small town that loves Christmas at the most inopportune time. She obviously suffers from a work/romance imbalance which is the centre of the drama that unfolds as she falls for the guy in the small town with a cute daughter, who all love Christmas.

At the same time it was more than that. It was warm and fuzzy and romantic, yes. It was very christmassy and wholesome, yes. But it also had an important message about how much work can dictate our lives and that it shouldn't get in the way of the important things, in the way of what we really want. So really, at the crux of it all, it was a lovely story about life.

I'd definitely recommend it for a lovely winter watch, especially if - like me - you're feeling a little overwhelmed by everything at the moment and need a bit of a spirit booster.

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