Friday, 1 December 2017

December Blitz 1: Movie Review - Becoming Santa

Hey everyone! It's now December and that means the start of my new feature titled December Blitz! In these posts, one for each day of December, I will be reviewing Christmas movies and books in an aim to both spotlight these wonderful works but also perhaps help you decide what to watch and read this holiday season!

Today I decided to write a review of a funny, heartwarming movie I watched last week while I was a little under the weather. It was called Becoming Santa, and it was the perfect holiday watch.

"A woman brings her boyfriend home for Christmas to meet her parents, Santa and Mrs. Claus. He must decide if he's willing to continue their relationship after learning that he'd be next in line for Santa's job."

I absolutely adored this film. Yes it was your cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie, but what's Christmas without these films, really? To me, laughing at the cheesy dialogue and loving the over the top, often predictable romance and cliches is part of the holiday fun! Becoming Santa was the perfect mix of cheese, romance, and 100% Christmas magic.

I'll admit that one of the things I loved about this film was that the main character was called Holly. Yes, I'm a little bit of a sucker for Christmas films with characters called Holly, but I'm allowed to be, haha. Holly is Santa's daughter (Dream role really, right?) but hasn't told her 'normal' boyfriend Connor where she's really from and what her father really does. Problems arise when Connor decides he wants her parents' blessing before he proposes to her, and when better to visit than for the holiday season? This of course causes a slightly predictable and cheesy plot to unravel where he discovers everything about her family and is of course more than a little taken aback, but the way the film is written makes it heartwarming and funny all the same.

One of the best parts of this plot, in my opinion, was when Connor (as in the description above) finds out he could be next in line for Santa's job. Queue hilarious 'training' scenes complete with cheesy grins and many a 'ho ho ho'.

I also loved that the movie's 'villain' was none other than Jack Frost. A little bit of a cliche (As with Santa Clause 3 for example) but this film actually reworked Jack and made him more unique, in quite a humorous way too. He was a good character to 'boo' and to enjoy seeing him lose (Of course!).

Mostly I just loved how much this film captured the joy and magic of Christmas, the belief of and in Santa Clause, and the entire reason we watch these films; to be happy. It was simply a happy film, and a wonderful watch for this Christmas season.

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