Saturday, 21 October 2017

Saturday Series: Love, Hate or Both? - Halloween!

Hey guys! Today for Saturday Series: Love, Hate or Both? I've decided to write about my second favourite time of the year; that is of course, Halloween! Yay!

New pumpkin lights to add a little spook to my shelves!
I absolutely adore Halloween ('Now rivals only Christmas in terms of popularity!' - Spencer Reid, Criminal Minds) and everything to do with it. If you've kept your eye on my Twitter account today you'll see I've been shopping and bought a few new treats for this year's festivities. The main, most awesome, thing I came away with was of course a spider bigger than my head (Legs included)! I won't add a pic of him here in case anyone has a phobia (I made that mistake on Twitter!) but he's pretty awesome and I've called him George. He's the best!

So of course you might have guessed that my favourite thing about the holiday is the decorations, and that's true. I love decorations in general to be honest. It's part of the reason why I love Christmas so much, and it's also why my bookshelves (and my room in general) are filled with little knickknacks and book memorabilia, just to add a little extra pizzazz! Decorating is my jam, as is Halloween and Christmas. But in terms of Halloween I just love adding a little scare to everything, a little sprinkle of horror. I'll admit I'm a squeamish person and don't watch many horror movies, but Halloween changes everything. Once it's October, in the words of Sherlock Holmes, the game is afoot!

Pumpkin lights with my current Halloween read!
That said, I do like the odd scary movie, as long as it's more psychological, more of a thriller, than a true horror/slasher. More Criminal Minds-esque so to speak than blood, guts and gore.

I also just love the spirit of Halloween, it's backstory, history, and the general feel the holiday brings to the wonderful time that is Autumn. My best friend Cazz loves this time of the year too, and I'm always overjoyed to share in the spirit of it with her.

Not to mention it's an excuse to eat sweets and chocolate galore! Woohoo! Bring out the pumpkin chocolate balls! :D

What do you love about Halloween? As always feel free to leave a comment below or @ me on Twitter!

Thanks for reading!

Holly @The_Arts_Shelf

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