Monday, 23 October 2017

Cover Spotlight Monday: Ruby Red Trilogy by Kerstin Gier

Hey guys! Today I'm back with another cover spotlight and today I'm featuring the beautiful covers of The Ruby Red trilogy by Kerstin Gier. I'll admit to not having read them yet but I'm seriously in love with these covers. They're gorgeous!

Firstly I love our MC on the front. Clearly a Victorian debutante which sets up the scene for the series, but more importantly I love her pose in each picture. To me the first shows restraint, alluding to her initial inexperience, while the second seems more wild, alluding to her journey and more likely her adventure. Then the last seems very confident, as if she's achieved what she's set out to do, and now knows who she is. I also love how her hairstyle seems to grow a little wilder with each iteration, as if she's breaking free from the chains society have put on her, perhaps?

I love how the dress colour matches the title of the books too, though I'm not sure of the significance of this without having read them. Hopefully I'll find out soon.

Lastly I love the backgrounds. First and foremost, it's clearly London and Big Ben, which sets the scene, but I especially adore how the scenes curve around, as if to show the bending of space time and the fabric of reality, alluding to our MC's ability to travel through time.

What do you think of these covers? As always feel free to leave a comment below or @ me on Twitter!

Thanks for reading!

Holly @The_Arts_Shelf

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