Sunday, 6 August 2017

Saturday Series - YALC Wrap Up - Day 2

Hey guys! Welcome to my wrap up of YALC day two! I hope you enjoy it!

The morning started early once more, this time queuing in the hot sun. We were in fairly quickly though once it hit 9, and once again I was off around the stalls in search of more swag and books. I was trying to keep Saturday fairly light as I had four photo ops at LFCC but who can resist when the stalls are there, eh? I quite quickly managed to get a proof of The Sacrifice Box by Martin Stewart from Penguin, as well as two ACBYA titles from the freebie table; Odd and True, and Lumberjanes.

As soon as 10pm hit however I was off downstairs for a photo op with the amazing Richard Dean Anderson. A dream come true, honestly. Then it was back up to YALC for signings. I met the lovely Alice Broadway, author of Ink which I adored, who was amazing, and I also got to have a lovely long conversation with Gemma Fowler, author of Moondust. I'd thought I'd missed her signing so it was super lovely that she took time out of her day to talk to me. She is wonderful. I actually got the chance to hold a Q&A with her about Moondust earlier in the year, so it was lovely to actually meet her. You can see the Q&A here if you like.

With some time to spare I headed off around the stalls again for a little more swag, and managed to get another proof from Penguin, this time The Hazel Wood which sounds amazing. I also quickly got VQ tickets for Victoria Schwab and Laini Taylor, and got a second Laini ticket for Daphne (@WingedReviews) who was down on the YALC floor. I met up with her as well as Kat (@Kat_thebooknerd) for a short while, which was so lovely, whilst waiting to go for my rescheduled Chris Judge photo.

Chris Judge himself was so lovely to meet, but more importantly just before that I got to meet the wonderful Kiran Millwood Hargrave, author of The Girl of Ink and Stars. She was so lovely, and recognised me from my blog, and I'm so glad I got to meet her as I missed her last year. While at the Chicken House stall I also got to meet the wonderful publicist Jazz Bartlett, who actually introduced me to both Kiran and Gemma's books, which was amazing!

My ADSOM t-shirt
Then it was time to meet Laini Taylor and oh wow, was I nervous, but she was so incredibly lovely! I also got to meet Victoria Schwab again, who confirmed ADSOM is now going to be a movie, which is awesome.

Last but not least I went back to LFCC for photos with Edge and Christian, who are childhood heroes. However, the organisation was an absolute mess, so I ended up exhausted and panicky afterwards which meant I had to leave and miss Non Pratt's head shave. Only when I got back to the hotel did I realise Benedict Cumberbatch had made an appearance, so I was especially sad about this, but I still had an awesome day! Here's what I managed to get;

I really hope you enjoyed my day two wrap up. Check out day one here and day three here!

Thanks for reading, and as always do feel free to leave a comment below or @ me on Twitter!

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