Saturday, 22 July 2017

Saturday Series: YALC - Packing, Packing, Packing...

Hi everyone! Today for Saturday Series I'm talking about packing for YALC. I may not have quite started my own yet, but I know exactly what I need to bring with me and am well on the road to sorting it all out, so I thought I'd share my key points with you all. Here's the essentials I'll be bringing with me;

Big Pile of Books: No trip to YALC is complete without a big pile of books to be signed. I've estimated I'll be bringing about 25 with me; 7 or 8 each day. It's a lot, but how can I pick between all the amazing authors?!

Schedule: One of the main things I've been working on today is my schedule. I've pretty much got everything down to a tee now, but I'll have a printed personal schedule to guide me through the weekend. You can see my post about scheduling from last week here.

Clothes and Essentials: Possibly the most boring part of packing, but definitely necessary.

Purse/Money/Phone: Of course very necessary; cash especially.

Tickets: The most important thing when it comes to Comic Con is of course tickets! How else do we get in and enjoy all the wonderful geekery! Make sure to bring any prepaid photo tickets also!

Sustenance: Comic Con gets hot and is extremely busy. The right sustenance is essential.

Geek-wear or Cosplay: Clothes are of course essential, but when it comes to Comic Con you know we're talking more about Geek-wear or Cosplay. You can see my post about my own outfits here.

Tote Bags: I know myself I will be buying a lot of books and geeky gifts, so tote bags are essential to carry it all around in.

I hope you all enjoyed my final pre-YALC post. Be sure to tune in next weekend for my daily wrap-ups over the entire weekend!

Thanks for reading, and do feel free to leave a comment below or let me know your thoughts on Twitter.

Holly @The_Arts_Shelf

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