Sunday, 16 July 2017

Review Policy

Update 14/09/18: Permanently closed to review requests. TheArtsShelf is currently on hiatus.

Please note I am currently closed to review requests.

My preferred reads are Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction, in the following genres, though I can be open to others dependant on content;

- Fantasy
- Science Fiction
- Contemporary Romance
- LGBTQAIP+ Fiction (Bi, Ace and Genderfluid rep in particular)

I will read a lot of books based on an intriguing premise, and am a fan of high stakes drama, but please be aware I do not review the following;

- Poetry
- Non fiction
- Erotica

I am also a fan of family dramas, by which I mean tales predominantly featuring friendships over relationships.

Lastly, accepting a request (or if I request to review myself) does not guarantee I will post a review. This is again due to time constraints as I work full time. Blogging is a hobby only. That said I will endeavour to read and review all material, even if it may be after the date of publication.

Reviews generally will be cross-posted to Goodreads, and to Amazon if requested.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,


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