Saturday, 24 June 2017

Saturday Series: YALC - My Reading List

Today for Saturday Series I'm still writing about YALC, the Young Adult Literature Convention held in London at the end of July, and in this post I'm bringing you my reading list. These are the books by authors attending that I'm hoping to read in the next five weeks. Fingers crossed I get through them.

Genuine Fraud (E Lockhart)
Beautiful Broken Things (Barnard)
Riverkeep (Stewart)
Archived/Unbound (Schwab)
Rebel of the Sands (Hamilton)
Lorali (Dockrill)
The Graces (Eve)
The Rest of Us (Ness)
The Bone Season (Shannon)
Gilded Cage (Vic James)
7 Days of You (Vinesse)
Becoming Betty (Wood)
The Falconer (May)
Witches Kiss (Corr)
Truth or Dare (Pratt)
The Battlemage (Matharu)
Ariadnis (Martin)
Lobsters/Freshers (Ivision/Ellen)

It's maybe a little long... Maybe? Tee hee.

If you've got a YALC reading list do let us know in the comments below or @ me on Twitter!

Thanks for reading!

Holly @The_Arts_Shelf

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