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Cover Spotlight Monday: The Sin Eater's Daughter Trilogy by Melinda Salisbury

It's once again Monday which means its time for another cover spotlight to brighten up those Monday blues. Today I'm featuring The Sin Eater's Daughter trilogy by Melinda Salisbury which has not one but three stunning covers!

If you're not aware of this series it's a powerful tale of war, revolution and magic; of long lost princes and fairytales. It is in my opinion one of the best fantasy series' out there, and it has three gorgeous matching covers I'm going to explore. Very minor spoilers ahead, though very general.

Book one is the story of Twylla Morvern, daughter of Loremere's Sin Eater, and Daunen Embodied. She carries poison on her skin through a ritual where she must drink poison. She is both feared and revered. Book two meanwhile introduces Errin Vastel, an apothecary and sibling to one of Twylla's guard in book one. What I love first and foremost is that the long running theme through the books - alchemy, its siblings and the natural ingredients it uses - is represented quite clearly on each cover. Book one for Twylla's poison, two for Errin's apothecary career, and three for the most important item that I won't spoil. The very essence of the books is so clearly shown, almost telling the reader that these are not lighthearted fantasy books (They really aren't), and that a dark tale (Very dark) lies beneath each albeit beautiful cover. With these covers, the reader can be under no false pretence of what the books entail.

I also love the detail of the lead characters trapped in the bottles, emphasising how they are almost bound, in one way or another, to these mystical properties around them, and also the fight they must endure to break free and win the war they are inherently part of. On further inspection I also realised the covers 'reveal' the main protagonist of each story.

Book two is Errin's story, shown by the girl being dark haired and surrounded by plant life, while 1 and 3 (though Errin does feature heavily in 3) are Twylla's, shown by her red hair and the streaks (1) and drops (3) of blood surrounding her. I thought that was a pretty cool way of keying the audience into each book's main POV.

I also love the colours used, both in the choice of colour but also their vibrancy. To me, the green of book 1 signifies poison, which the book utilises quite heavily, while the blue of 2 signifies blue sky - the parting of clouds - and therefore perhaps hope? Finally the gold-yellow of three signifies not just loyalty (As in Queen) but also victory. The vibrancy also highlights the rich story, world and prose beneath.

Lastly I love the font used for the titles, a rich cursive that I think represents the fantasy genre and 'royalty' aspects of the series, but also in the masterful stroke of each letter represents the equally masterful storytelling each book contains.

If you haven't read The Sin Eater's Daughter trilogy, I really do urge you to do so.

As always, thanks for reading. I do hope you enjoyed my thoughts on these covers. Do feel free to leave a comment below or @ me on Twitter with any thoughts.

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