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Review: Fix You by Carrie Elks

This is another 2016 review title that I failed to get to last year, and I do apologise for that. It's not my typical read - being an adult romance - but it's one I nonetheless enjoyed. Thanks to Corvus for my copy of the book. I do hope you all enjoy my review.

You've found the one, but what if life has other plans?
London, 31st December 1999
At a party to toast the new millennium, Hanna meets Richard. He is a gorgeous, wealthy New Yorker. She is a self-assured, beautiful Londoner with no interest in clean-cut American men. They are from different worlds and have nothing in common... except for their instant - and mutual - attraction to one another.
As the clocks chime midnight it is a new year and the beginning of a wonderful romance.
New York, 12th May 2012
Hanna, the girl who broke Richard's heart, walks into his Wall Street office - and back into his life - to reveal an explosive secret.
He was sure they were meant to be together forever, but she broke his heart so completely the last time, can he find a way to let her mend the pieces?

Fix You is a story of broken hearts and the journey to healing. It's a tale of love, loss and lies, and one of hidden truths. It's a romance, yes, but it's also a drama that unfolds over many years.

One of the things I loved most about this book was the non-linear narrative, by which I mean a lot of it is told in flashbacks and not always in chronological order. This technique not only played out the drama well but also created a lot of mystery and intrigue as to how the story would progress and its possible outcomes. It was highly enjoyable.

The story itself was packed full of tension and drama, and I'd certainly read Hanna and Richard's tale again. Their chemistry was wonderful and I was certainly rooting for them with every turn of the page. The ending was wholly satisfying and left me with a warm flutter in my stomach, whilst being glad the 'villain' got their comeuppance.

Hanna was a wonderful main character who, despite her faults, faced her misgivings and came out on top. I understood her, and her motivation, despite not always agreeing with her, which with the non-linear narrative really kept me hooked to every page. It was wonderful to follow through her story to the end.

Carrie Elks is clearly and author who knows romance, and has a great deal of talent for writing it. I'll certainly be checking out the rest of her work.

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