Monday, 20 March 2017

Event Recap: What Makes A Girl Strong?

On January 31st I was able to see four amazing authors at the Waterstones in Liverpool 1; Melinda Salisbury, Catherine Doyle, Katherine Webber and Sara Barnard. It was an amazing event and I hope you enjoy my recap of it.

The theme of the evening was 'what makes a gets strong?' and being that these authors have all written amazing books with strong, central female characters, it was obviously going to be an intense evening. With a mostly female audience, these four authors spoke about their writing process, personal quirks and - of course - what typifies great female characters in YA.

One of my favourite questions of the night was how each of the authors got into writing and I personally loved Cat Doyle's response. She told us hat she had always wanted to write but didn't think it was something she could pursue but it was thanks to her mum asking Cat to join her on a writing course, masquerading it as something she wanted to do, that really got her started. I thought it was great partly because it shows to me that being strong isn't always about taking a leap, it's sometimes being strong enough to accept help when and where it's due.

My favourite moment of the night of course belonged to Melinda Salisbury who recalled us with the tale of how The Sin Eater's Daughter came to be, with her singing in the shower and then being horrified of the prospect of being forced to sing day in and day out, as well as her research - slash - fascination of Sin Eating. Thus a star trilogy was born.

I also adored meeting all four during the signing afterwards. Though it was of course my fourth time meeting Mel, it was just a pleasure as always. I had been lucky enough to buy an early copy of The Scarecrow Queen (Review here) that night which she was happy to sign, and I got a hug before I - as always - rambled about how much I love her books.

Meeting Cat Doyle for the first time was a dream. I was heartened that she knew me from Twitter but also that I finally got the chance to tell her in person how much I loved her books and - more importantly - how much I love Gino. She was so lovely, and is a fellow Ravenclaw! You can find my review of her latest book, Mafiosa, here.

I also got to meet Sara Barnard and Katherine Webber for the first time, and they were both so amazing. Sara's A Quiet Kind of Thunder has helped so much with my own anxiety, and I was able to get a trainer-selfie with Katherine which was so neat.

Overall it was a fabulous evening and one I shall not soon forget. Thanks team at Waterstones Liverpool 1 and of course the lovely authors!

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