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Blog Tour: Waking In Time by Angie Stanton - Guest post from the author

Today I am delighted to bring you a guest post from author Angie Stanton to celebrate the release of her new book, Waking In Time. This is a fantastic time-travelling YA sold as 'Time Travellers Wife for the YA market' and it really lives up to that. My review will be up this weekend, but first I'm delighted to bring you the 'Inside Scoop on Writers'. I really hope you enjoy it. Big thanks from me to Curious Fox Books and specifically Georgia Lawe for sending me an early copy of the book and allowing me to be a part of this amazing blog tour.

Still mourning the loss of her beloved grandmother and shaken by her mysterious, dying request to "find the baby", Abbi has arrived at uni to start her first year. But on her second day, she wakes up to a different world: 1983. That is just the first stop on Abbi's journey backwards through time. Will is a charming student from 1927 who travels forwards through time. When Abbi and Will meet in the middle, love adds another complication to their lives. Communicating across time through a buried time capsule, they try to decode the mystery of their travel, find the lost baby and plead with their champion, a kindly physics tutor, to help them find each other again ...even though the tutor gets younger each time Abbi meets him. This page-turning story full of romance, twists and delightful details about uni life then and now will stay with readers long after the book's satisfying end.

·       In the UK by Curious Fox on 9th March 2017, priced £7.99, ISBN: 978-1-78202-593-1
·       In the US by Switch Press on 1st March 2017, priced $17.95, ISBN: 978-1630790707
·       Age: 13+

The inside scoop on the quirks and habits of writers
By Angie Stanton
Author of Waking in Time

Writers are a peculiar bunch. We have quirky habits and odd rituals, and many of the stereotypes about authors are true. For example, it’s common for me to stay in my pajamas all day, and when I get on a writing roll, I’ve been known to cancel all plans so that I can stay home and live in the fictional world of my characters.

Here are some other tidbits.
  • Some writers do their best work in coffee shops, but not me. For one, I don’t drink coffee. And being in a public place while I’m in that intimate space of creativity and dreaming up my own magic world demands privacy. And the ability to throw in a load of laundry once in a while. 

  • I have a daily pattern before I write. First I set up my laptop at the kitchen counter. Forget the beautiful oak desk I have in my office. I cover my chair with a plush Green Bay Packers blanket, put my phone within reach, and grab a cold Diet Coke before I can settle in to work.

  • Ideas can come from the most unexpected places and at random times. Some writers swear their best ideas appear while in the shower. For me it’s while on walks and listening to music, or long car rides. I’ll keep a notebook nearby to scribble thoughts as I drive.

  • Writing about family and friends is so tempting. Their lives are crazy and bizarre and would make great material, but I’m fearful they’d read it and disown me. Truth is usually stranger than fiction.

  • I stink at punctuation. I’m a storyteller, not an English major. Thankfully there are very smart people who love to edit.

  • Titles are one of the hardest things for me to think up. Everything original and catchy has been used. However, I am really proud that I came up with Waking in Time. It describes the book perfectly.

  • When I find a bad review I try not to read it. One negative review can stick with me for days. Ask any writer and most will agree. We put our heart and soul into our work so it always feels personal. But the good reviews--those are golden. 

  • From the time I finished writing Waking in Time, went through the publishing process, and it hit bookstores took two years.

  • I dread book signings. I’m afraid no one will attend, and if it’s only family and friends there, well that feels like they came out of pity. But when actual readers show up, I feel like the luckiest person alive.

  • I secretly visit my books at bookstores. I’m still in awe of the fact that I’ve been published. It never gets old.

Information about the author

    American author Angie Stanton is a life-long daydreamer who grew up with her hands on a book and her head in the clouds. As an adult she's learned to put her talent to good use and writes contemporary fiction about life, love, and the adventures that follow. She is the best selling author of eight novels including Rock and a Hard Place, and Love 'em or Leave 'em. Angie has a Journalism degree from the University of Wisconsin. In her spare time, she sneaks off to New York City to enjoy the best entertainment experience on earth, Broadway. She is currently working on a series of Broadway- themed books, and is also a contributing editor to

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