Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: All About The Visuals

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish, here, inviting bloggers and readers to list their top ten for a certain category. 

I'm a day late this week with my TTT, and I do apologise for that. I was at a wonderful signing yesterday with Melinda Salisbury, Catherine Doyle, Kathrine Webber and Sara Megan, for which I'll be posting a recap soon, and spent most of the day out shopping. Nevertheless, onto Top Ten Tuesday! This week I'm mixing titles I've read and ones I'm reading as it's all about the visuals which, for me, means comics!


1) Captain America: Winter Soldier TPB - I'm a huge fan of Bucky so I love this one. Definitely a favourite.

2) Captain America and Bucky - Again, I love these two, and basically started reading comics when The Winter Soldier movie came out.

3) Winter Soldier Series - This was an excuse for more Bucky after I was done re-watching the film over and over.


4) Constantine - So sad they cancelled the series so I'm reading the comics.

5) Batman and Robin: Batman Reborn - I love Dick and Damian so this series is perfect.

6) Batman and Robin - More Damian Wayne and papa Bats.

7) Batgirl - I adore Barbara Gordon.

8) Birds of Prey - Barbara, Katana and more. Girl power!

9) Justice League of America's Vibe - I adore Cisco Ramon in The Flash, and his superhero alter ego Vibe.

10) Grayson - More Dick Grayson please. My favourite Robin!

And just yesterday I bought Supergirl also - to go with my new favourite show!

So those are my Top 10 Visuals, I hope you enjoyed reading about them.

As always, do feel free to leave a comment below or @ me on Twitter, and thanks for reading.

Holly @The_Arts_Shelf

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