Friday, 6 January 2017

Review: Inferno by Catherine Doyle

Does love run thicker than blood?

Romeo and Juliet meets The Godfather in the second installment of Catherine Doyle's Blood for Blood series.

Sophie's life has been turned upside-down, and she's determined to set things right. But Nic, the Falcone brother who represents everything she's trying to forget, won't give up on their love - and it's Luca's knife she clutches for comfort. Soon another mafia clan spoils the fragile peace - and with her heart drawn in one direction and her blood in another, Sophie's in deeper than ever.

If Vendetta was an explosion, Inferno is an implosion of everything we know up to this point. Relationships lie in tatters, blood is shed, bonds are broken. This book, in short, is an emotional roller coaster for all of our beloved characters, but no more so than Nic, Sophie and Luca.

In Inferno the whole truth surrounding Sophie's links to the Falcones is revealed, causing widening gaps between both sides, between the Falcones themselves, and between Sophie and those she loves. By the end of the book the world Doyle has portrayed is 100% turned upside down, leaving a lot to the imagination as to how book three may finish the trilogy.

I absolutely loved how Sophie grew over the course of Inferno; taking every situation and consequence in her stride, strengthening her character, learning, and standing up for who she is - and who she isn't.

I of course fell in love further with the Falcone boys, especially Luca and Gino, and could not wait to find out how the trilogy concluded, especially for them. Luckily I didn't have to wait very long.

Inferno is the perfect sequel to Vendetta and receives a well deserved 5 stars. If you haven't had chance to read it yet, now's the perfect time as the trilogy ends today with Mafiosa.

If you have read Inferno, do peruse my review of book 3, Mafiosa, here and also let me know your favourite Falcone in the comments below.

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