Thursday, 1 December 2016

Updated: 2016/2017 Winter Reads Challenge

Well I originally set this as my Countdown to Christmas reading challenge, with my goal being 10 books. I quite completely failed that, succeeding in only 3 - none of which I managed to review *Sigh* As a result I've decided to change this to a Winter Reads Challenge so that I have up until the end of February to complete it. I still only have the 9 books - 3 read - so I'm setting my goal to an easy 5. This way I can read Fix You which is a review book I missed last year and need to catch up with, and can also finish Let It Snow, which I started. Any more will be a bonus.

UPDATE: Well, I completely failed here haha, but never mind. As we come into September I will be reviving the Countdown to Christmas book challenge soon, which once again gives me chance to get these books read!

The list was;

1 - How to Stuff Up Christmas: Rosie Blake - Thanks to Corvus. Review up soon.

2 - Fix You: Carrie Elks - Also thanks to Corvus.

3 - What Light: Jay Asher - Thanks to MacMillan, and I have already read, and loved, this book. Review up soon.

4 - 10 Days of Dash and Lily: Leviathan and Cohn. Review up soon.

5 - My True Love Gave to Me: Perkins (Editor).

6 - Let It Snow: Green/Johnson/Myracle

7 - Wish Upon a Star: Trisha Ashley.

8 - The Little Shop of Hopes and Dreams: Fiona Harper.

9 - Christmas at Rosie Hopkins' Sweet Shop: Jenny Colgan.

Hopefully I'll succeed where I failed this time!

As always, feel free to post a comment below, or @ me on Twitter, and thanks for reading!

Holly @The_Arts_Shelf

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