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Blog Tour: Interview With Bella Broomstick Author Lou Kuenzler

Hello everyone! Today I have the wonderful pleasure of taking part in the Bella Broomstick Blog Tour and bringing to you all an interview with the book's lovely author, Lou Kuenzler. Although the book is for younger readers, it really is enjoyable for any age and I do urge you all to read it. 


This delightful new series, full of doodle illustrations and themes of friendship and fitting in, will have young readers bewitched from the very first page! Bella Broomstick is a hopeless witch. So hopeless that nasty Aunt Hemlock is sending her to live in Person World - with the warning that she must never do magic again! But when Bella finds a kitten in trouble, a spell is the only way to rescue it. What is Bella to do? For where there is magic, trouble is never far away!

Information about the Book
Title: Bella Broomstick (Bella Broomstick #1)
Author: Lou Kuenzler
Release Date: 7th January 2016
Genre: MG Fantasy
Publisher: Scholastic UK
Format: Paperback and E-book

1. Where did your inspiration for Bella Broomstick come from?
The first spark for my stories often begins with a name - like Shrinking Violet or my clumsy princess who I just knew would have to be called Grace in the Princess Disgrace, Tall Towers series.  So there I was, sitting on the 98 bus one dark winter evening, when POW! … Bella Broomstick flew into my imagination. I knew right from the start that she was going to be a bit hopeless at magic (things going wrong are always so much more fun to write about than things going right).  I also knew - like every young witch - she would need a cat. Once I cut out a picture of a cute grey kitten and stuck it above my desk, I knew I was done for. Bella and Rascal wouldn’t go away until I wrote them an adventure to share!

2. Bella is notorious for making mistakes with her spells, do you remember any "ooops" moments from your childhood?
Oh dear! SO many to choose from … but it would probably have to be the time I tried to sneak my ferret into school. She escaped from my satchel and ran up a lady’s trousers on the bus.

3. If you could do any spell, what spell would you choose?
I think I would have to choose an invisibility spell. Like most writers, I am very nosy. If I was able to vanish, I could poke my invisible nose into all sorts of interesting places …

4. Would you choose to live beyond the invisible barrier or stay in Person World?
I would definitely like to go and explore the Magic Realm for a bit. I’d love to try flying on a broomstick and it would be amazing to be able to talk to cats and bats and owls in their own language.  I wouldn’t like to eat Aunt Hemlock’s frog’s spawn porridge though. (Perhaps I’d bring a packed lunch.)

5. What was your favourite part of Bella Broomstick?
My favourite part of Bella Broomstick is when she goes shopping with her new foster mum, Rose.  They visit a big department store and Bella cannot believe that escalators move without anyone putting a spell on the stairs.  She discovers ice cream and marshmallows too. As I was writing, I thought about all the ‘magical’ things we take for granted and how strange and wonderful our world would seem to someone visiting for the first time.

6. Can you describe Bella Broomstick in just 140 characters? (like a tweet)
A young witch who's not very good at magic but can talk to animals. She loves bubble baths and ice cream (not at the same time necessarily).

I hope you all enjoyed that fun interview and don't forget to check out the rest of the stops on the Bella Broomstick Blog Tour! If you're intrigued, you can find more about Lou and some book links below.

Thanks for reading!

Holly @TheArtsShelf

Author Information

Lou Kuenzler likes to write stories which make children laugh.

Her popular SHRINKING VIOLET books are funny, action-packed adventures about a little girl who suddenly shrinks .... Think Mrs Pepperpot with a 21st century twist!

And then Lou's next series PRINCESS DISGRACE introduces the clumsiest princess ever in a comic romp through life at a posh princess academy - unicorns, dragons and japes galore!

For slightly younger readers, Lou's AESOP'S AWESOME RYHMES add a comic, rhyming twist to the classic moral tales.  

While JACK SPLAT: SUPERFLY PEST and JACK SPLAT: DOG'S DINNER tell the fly-on-the-wall adventures of ... well, of a fly!

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