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Spotlight Sunday - Books On Tour: Bécherel, France.

Books on Tour is a new monthly feature here at TheArtsShelf which showcases books and bookish references in places around the world. From just down the road in Liverpool, to the Mediterranean, books and bookish references can be found everywhere.


Described as 'A beautiful book town', 
Bécherel in France is located in the arrondissement of Rennes. Although I have never been before, this lovely place was mentioned to me by a friend and I've been more than a little obsessed with visiting it ever since.

"Bécherel officially became a Book Town in 1989 when the first Fête du Livre was held; it is now an annual event, which takes place at Easter and is complemented by a series of events throughout the year including a reading festival in October. The town has around 15 bookshops, some with cafés, which specialise in every subject under the sun and range from rare first editions to contemporary fiction. A book market takes place in the town on the first Sunday of every month."

I'll be the first to admit that my french could use a lot of work, but Bécherel just seems like the perfect place for me when it comes to looking at potential holiday locations. First and foremost, coming from a town that has no bookshops whatsoever, fifteen bookshops would be a holiday in and of itself. Imagine all the hidden wonders that could be found, treasured first editions hiding in the nooks, and the delectable foods that would be on offer in the attached cafes. I think I could spend a whole week just eating and browsing!

The Sunday book market sounds like a lovely treat, while it would be truly amazing to be able to attend one of the many festivals held in Bécherel. I think what is quite possibly the best part of Bécherel however is the scenery.

As a writer I love places that inspire me; places where I could sit all day and write without a care in the world. I think Bécherel could be one of those places. The picture above is so stunning that it looks like someone painted it, while the buildings and town itself are so completely evocative of the age before the internet. Bécherel seems like a town frozen in time, hidden from the world, and that's something I really adore. To me it is the perfect place to simply get away from the stresses of everyday life; to be able to curl up and care about nothing but the book in front of you. It's somewhere I am aiming to visit in the near future, and a definite destination to think about when it comes to my next holiday.

I would love to say more about this magical retreat, but I assume its best kept secrets are ones you would have to see for yourself. 

Next time I will be delving into a town just down the road from me, Warrington, with Half Bad by Sally Green. Look out for it in the new year!

Do you have any travelling books or global bookish references you'd like to share? Feel free to post in the comments below or on Twitter!

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