Monday, 9 November 2015

RE. Pressure

My lovely friend Cazz just posted a very poignant post about the pressure of reading and I thought I'd add my own addendum.

You can read Cazz's post here

I am the worst person for putting so much pressure on myself to read that I don't end up reading anything at all. In fact, I do this with everything. Just earlier I had to force myself to play a video game (Something I would call totally unproductive in relation to my life goals). That said, I only managed maybe an hour/one level before I cracked and thought 'I NEED TO DO XYZ'.

Yes, productivity is important. Yes, my goals are important, and yes to achieve them I do need to read, write, and blog, because how else do I create a decent enough portfolio to be accepted onto a publishing masters next year? But downtime is important too. As humans we cannot function without sleep. Similarly, without a period of relaxation our stress levels can increase exponentially which detracts from productivity. Everyone, no matter their job, sometimes needs just to chill.

But how? In such a busy and complicated world, how can you do anything without overthinking?

I only bought three books yesterday, all totalling £5, but I didn't do so lightly. There was 'do I really need them?', 'Can I afford to spend this money?' and of course the inevitable guilt. 'Why?' I always ask myself, and then comes 'I want to read them but I want to read xyz first and I NEED to read abc for my blog' etc etc.

When did life become so organised?

Where did the fun go?

And so I've decided I am going to - in a way - not care. ARC's may have to be an exception of course, but I have decided I am going to read whatever the hell I want to at any given time.

It's my life, my chill time, and I'll spend it how I wish; not how I feel I should. Hopefully the next few months will be a lot more relaxed, and well read, as a result.

Fingers crossed.

How do you deal with Reader's Guilt? Feel free to let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter!

Holly @TheArtsShelf


  1. I have an awful lot of books which at the time of buying them I'm sure I was like "I want to read this NOW! I must have it" and then get home, put it on my TBR book shelf and 9 times out of 10, they'll stay there for months on end. >_< I fail. haha. Sometimes, if it's a really anticipated book, I will read it immediately but there are very few when that happens. I mean, that happens to big series, but then you have the new books that don't belong to a favourite series, that stay on a shelf unread and do I feel bad? Yeah.I DO. And I'm always promising I'll get around to it, but I never do. Some of the books I have have been there for 2 or more years. :O
    It also doesn't help when I'm in a reading slump.
    Great post! :)

    1. I'm completely the same! Got 11 books for Christmas last year and I've started 1 (Which I was part way through on Kindle anyway). I've had to put myself on a book ban, but it never works! Thanks so much for commenting :)