Monday, 2 November 2015

Cover Spotlight: Summoner - The Inquisition

I will not be the first, nor the last, to say that I adore a beautiful, well-designed cover. Cover Spotlight was created with the sole intention of highlighting and displaying some of the amazing covers the book world has to offer, and this week's pick has taken Twitter by storm with its reveal today.


Summoner: The Inquisition is the much anticipated sequel to Summoner: The Novice by Taran Matharu. The Novice was released in May of this year, and The Inquisition is set to follow up in May 2016.

After the events of the previous book, this one is bound to be a wild ride with even more twists, turns and shocking discoveries. For now, let's admire this amazing cover, shall we?

The first book's cover featured Fletcher, our protagonist, shrouded beneath his hood. He had little information regarding who he truly was and was very much a shadow beside his adopted father. Through the events of the book however Fletcher learnt some of who he was. He learnt to trust in his own instincts, to truly stand up for himself, and made some loyal friends along the way. By the end of the book he seemed more confident, stronger, and I think the cover of The Inquisition shows this. Fletcher's hood is pulled back, face on view, to show that he is standing his ground against whatever comes his way. He knows who he is in his heart now, and he's not afraid to stand up for himself or for what he believes in.

The luminescent green will look fabulous with the shocking blue of The Novice, but more importantly the background features a dense, wild jungle. I believe this to mean that Fletcher will be taking a journey to The Southern Jungles, perhaps in search of the Orc Shaman to find out more about how the Orcs summon demons, or perhaps to find out more about Ignatius' beginnings.

Lastly, Fletcher's signature coat and kopesh are present but more importantly so is Ignatius. Ignatius is the only character I actually like more than Fletcher, and look at how cute he is! To be honest, I'd read the book just for more Ignatius...

So there you have my thoughts on this fantastically gorgeous cover for what is bound to be an amazing sequel. I cannot wait until I finally have this book in my hands, and it's definitely going to be a long six or seven months. I have every confidence however that it'll be worth the wait.

Do you have a cover you'd like to spotlight? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

Holly @TheArtsShelf

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