Thursday, 22 October 2015

Top Time-Travel

As today is Back to the Future today I thought it would be nice to post my favourite time-travel film, tv and novel, as well as some novels I'm hoping to read very soon.

I think it would count as being a bad book nerd if I didn't give Prisoner of Azkaban its dutifully earned time-travel praise. This book is fantastically 'wibbly-wobbly' on all fronts and a fabulously enjoyable read for any fan of time-travel. Pictured is my well-read copy that I actually got from a book vending machine (Which was pretty cool and the only one I ever saw).

My favourite film meanwhile (excluding BTTF itself) is The Time Machine. I first saw the film when I was about 11-ish and it blew me away. Almost poetic in its conception The Time Machine is a film I can easily watch again and again. I simply adore it. I mean just listen to 'Eloi' from the soundtrack; it makes me cry every time.

If you've been keeping up with my tweets you'll know what my favourite TV show for time-travel is right now; The Flash. While the show may not make the most obvious uses of time-travel, the entire first season was based in and surrounded by the notion of it. One of the things I love is how transparent it seems at times. The whole conflict between Wells and Barry is based, during season one anyway, in Wells' desire to get back to his own time and yet it was never overly pushed onto the audience. Then, when time-travel was used as a plot device, it was done so brilliantly that it created some of the most memorable episodes (and my personal favourites) such as the two-parter Out of Time and Rogue Time.

As for books I'm super excited to read, here we go. Outlander was received at Christmas and I still haven't gotten around to delving into it. Time-travel mixed with Scotland and a sexy highlander is certainly my cup of tea and I am really hoping to get around to reading it very soon.  

Landline was also received at Christmas, and being a huge Rainbow Rowell fan I am very excited to finally getting around to reading it. A time-travelling telephone line sounds completely original to me and knowing how Rowell puts her own unique spin on everything it is a book I anxious to delve into.

I bought TimeBomb last month in Liverpool after the premise hooked me. Two people drawn from the past and future respectively team up with someone from the present to battle the villainous Lord Sweetclover. Yep, that is definitely a book I am interested in reading!

Finally, the Rub Red Trilogy. This saga is one I have been wanting to read for months, and I finally treated myself to the boxed set a few weeks ago. I'm hoping to have a weekend to myself soon to be able to simply curl up and read all three. Fingers crossed, but I'm probably just going to have to snatch time where I can.

So those are my picks for 'Top Time-Travel'. What are yours? Feel free to share them in the comments below, or on Twitter!

Thanks for reading!

Holly @TheArtsShelf

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