Friday, 4 September 2015

Release Day: Counting Stars

Liverpool may not be known all over the world as a romantic place, but Keris Stainton's newest novel will have you swooning over the historic city.


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A new life in a new city - would could possibly go wrong . . . ?

When eighteen-year-old Anna leaves school and moves to Liverpool, she feels like her life is finally beginning. She's landed her dream job at a theatre, and she's moving into an exciting (if not slightly run-down) houseshare on a buzzing street lined with shops, bars, and buskers. Best of all, her new flatmates are kind, welcoming and a lot of fun - what more could she ask for?

But her new life is also a little overwhelming. Anna's job quickly falls through, and then she realises that although her new friends are great, they're also a little mixed-up... and it's not long before Anna starts using her blog to talk about her experiences, from the hilarious to the ridiculous to the little-bit-scary. But when Anna spills a bigger secret than she can handle, suddenly the consequences are all too real. She'll have to prove she has the mettle to make it in the big city, or risk losing everything she thinks she wants.


Out today (September 3rd), Counting Stars is one of my favourite books of 2015 when it comes to contemporary romance. The writing is flawless and the characters are so unique and well rounded that you can't help but fall in love with them, even if you simultaneously wish to slap one of them also. The story is sweet and beautiful - with a good handful of funny moments - and is personally reminiscent of Stephanie Perkins. The book is perfect to curl up with after a hard day's work, and I'm not just saying that because I live so close to Liverpool; it was truly a joy to read.

My review will be up in the next few days but for now I urge everyone to go and buy. You will not regret it, I'm sure!

For me I wish Keris and Counting Stars a very happy release day!

Holly @TheArtsShelf

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