Monday, 25 May 2015

When the Words... Stop.

IE, How to Survive a Book-Hangover.

In general books give us feelings of joy and elation when we finish them. The final chapters culminate in an epic conclusion that leaves us breathless but satisfied. Of course we'll always wish there could have been more, but it won't leave us stir crazy.

Sometimes though the words just stop, and we're left trying to tear our hair out.

This week I finished The Novice by Taran Matharu, the first book in the Summoner trilogy, and I absolutely adored it. Described by many as Pokemon meets Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, I was immediately hooked.

But before I knew it the book had ended, and so abruptly, leaving me (metaphorically) curled in a ball rocking back and forth. Even in the first book of a trilogy I expect some sort of a resolution to balance out the cliffhanger. A 'the good guys won and are all okay but further darkness lies on the horizon' sort of thing. But there was one smattering of resolution to about five cliffhangers!

From a literary standpoint I love it; such an excellent way to make me hanker for the next book (May 2016 is so far away...)! I'm still wary of ending up bald though.

So like all readers so cruelly ripped from the world they loved, I buried my head beneath a pillow and wondered how in the world I'd get myself over this one.

1) Cry/Wallow

Sometimes it's good to get those emotions out by just having a good cry. This works especially if the book ended with an unexpected character death or not so happy ending.

2) Chocolate and Tea

Whenever I am feeling down (Okay, especially when I'm feeling down) I love indulging in a large brew and bar of my favourite chocolate (Usually Oreos). We always have tea in the house and I was lucky this week that my Aunt brought me a large bar of Dairy Milk with Oreo, just when I needed it. These two things never fail to cheer me up, but when it comes to book hangovers it's usually a short term solution.

3) Tweet the Author

Sometimes it can help to ask the author 'why?' or simply let them know they've done their job well and broken you (Joking. I'm talking metaphorically of course). Obviously this will differ for every person and every book, and the key rule is obviously to not be abusive, but sometimes talking to the person who caused the book hangover can help greatly.

4) Read Side Material

Side material is a great way of keeping the world you love alive just a little bit longer, and these days a lot of books also have extra stories in the form of e-books or featured on the author's blog. Reading other fans' fan-fiction may help also. Thanks to point 3, Taran reminded me that there is a 100 page prequel e-book (Free!) alongside The Novice.

5) Read Something Else

If the other points don't help, or you're still suffering, reading something else is a sure fire way to cure that book hangover (Even if it results in another!). Replace the world, characters and story you lost with another that you'll grow to love just as much, and you'll soon be back in the 'book-bubble' we all love so dearly.

Do you have any other remedies for book hangovers? Let me know in the comments section below, or on Twitter!

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